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Regulator Boats

Regulator Boats has been building offshore sportfishing boats in Edenton, North Carolina for over 25 years. Ensuring marine engineering perfection by checking and testing every square inch, Regulator test drives its boats in the rough waters of the Outer Banks. Regulator boats are designed with quality, safety, and versatility in mind. The Regulator 34 Center Console, the largest model in the fleet, was reintroduced in 2012.

About Regulator Yachts

Regulator Marine was established in 1988 in Edenton, North Carolina and has handcrafted more than 3,500 offshore sportfishing boats ranging from 23 to 34 feet. The company is committed to quality, thoroughly checking and testing every square inch of each Regulator boat. Representing quality, fishability, and performance, Regulator boats are built one hull at a time and tested in the challenging conditions of the Outer Banks waters. Regulator’s commitment to engineering and craftsmanship is continually improved to meet the demands of serious anglers. Regulator offshore fishing boats are designed and engineered to be reliable and safe in inclement weather conditions and rough waters.

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    Edenton, North Carolina
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    Offshore Sportfishing Boats
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    Regulator’s largest model in the fleet, the Regulator 34 Center Console, was reintroduced in 2012.

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