Brodogradiliste-loger (4)

Loger is 90 years old shipyard in Omiš, now in the property of Frane Milina from Korčula. He stareted his shipbuilding carrier in the shipyard of Omiš some 50 years ago, i.e. since 1955.Since then he is engaged exclusively in wooden shipbuilding, in designing new ships and repairing the exisitng ones in the entire Dalmatian area.

Brodogradiliste-loger (7)His most famous recent ships, aimed for tourist activities, are sailing boats Dare (22m), Sagena (26m) and Mlini (26m). He has also built a replica of 16th century ship, the type of Dubrovnik galleon ship, 30m long, for the town Dubrovnik and it is the first ship of this type ever built after 400 years.

According to 80-year old mr Frane Milina, the shipyard could, if a client required, also design a complete documentation for ship building also providing for high quality building material of Slavonic oakwood. “I do all the work along with my two shipwright sons”, emphasises mr Frane, who being in good health, still wishes to put his efforts and energy into repairing, amending or building ships.

Once you pass Omiš on the line from Split to Makarska, it is impossible not to notice a small shipyard situated right beside the very Adriatic Highway several decades ago. Ever since then it proudly resists bora and south that relentlessly beat it during winter months.Brodogradiliste-loger (8) Even though this modest shipyard can receive only 2 larger ships at once, nevertheless, you can always find there its heart and soul of traditional shipbuildin of the wider area of Omiš – a master shipwright mr Frane Milina. He moved from Lobarda on the isle of Korčula in 1955. A stonemason’s son and a father of four sons says how his work means everything in his life and that he could not even imagine what would his day look like if he did not go to his small shipyard and salute his “wooden pets”. He is now 80 years old and would, if this could be possible, build ships even 80 years to come.